Floor Nailers and Staplers

Are you looking for tools to install new hardwood or laminate flooring? EZE Rent It Centre has a number of great tools and equipment to help you get the flooring job done quicker and easier!

Floor Ducting 8″ x 25′  
Floor Fan 12″ 1Hp Electric  
Floor Fan 8″ Electric  
Floor Gas Brush Burning  
Floor Hardwood Floor Nailer  
Floor Hardwood Floor Stapler 3/16″  
Floor Hardwood Floor Stapler Air Act  
Floor Hardwood Nailer Air Act  
Floor Knee Kicker  
Floor Lino Roller  
Floor Moisture Meter LCD
Floor Office Fan  
Floor Ozone Generator  
Floor Paver Saw 14″ CC300M  
Floor Scraper Tile 7″ Spudbar
Floor Scrapper Hand  
Floor Screw Gun L/H  
Floor Scrubber 17″ Electric  175 rpm
Floor Scrubber / Polisher 17″ Electric  180 rpm – 320 rpm
Floor Sean Iron  
Floor Stripper (Large)  
Floor Stripper Eddy NM9583  
Floor Tile Cutter Vinyl/Asbes  
Floor Tub Saw 10″ Brick/Block  
Floor Tub Saw 8″-10″ Tile Only